Níyó Enterprise is a multi-faceted socio-creative organisation that prides itself in using innovative creative tools to economically empower BAME young women aged 16-25 to create phenomenal, sustainable talent-driven social enterprises.

We are an organisation with a quadruple bottom line blueprint of people, purpose, profit and planet. Everything we do flows from this blueprint as this is the foundation of why Niyo Enterprise exists.

Níyó enterprise is currently made up of two brands: Níyó Hair & Níyó Network.


Níyó enterprise was founded by Oyinkansola Adebayo, otherwise known as Oyin . Oyin pioneers the vision behind Níyó Enterprise with massive support from Laolu Dada who plays the Creative Director role. Both women are passionate about empowering BME women to reach and exceed their potential and to successfully contribute

Aside from getting her work featured in Black Beauty & Hair Magazine, being recognized by Brandy Norwood and building up a clientele of over 200 women for the hairdressing services she provides, she is a Masters Student at University of Birmingham studying Development Economic, a young graduate of Business Management and Economics at Nottingham Business School, a past Project Management Placement Student at Rolls-Royce Group PLC, a business adviser and mentor for women , especially young women and women who are disenchanted from the society. She has an exuberant drive for excellence in all she does namely; striving to attain social equality and economic equality amongst women especially in emerging markets as well as a drive to walk in her God-given purpose.

Leading various projects in the past and present with a common mission to empower women and to further empower the community around her as well as stopping the viscous cycle of disadvantage prevalent amongst women. She has led projects that have managed to transform sex workers in Nottingham through building them to create their own sustainable cosmetic business from recycled coffee grounds. She runs a multi-faceted organization called Niyo enterprise, a company that specializes in using creative tools to empower, equip and build young women. She does this through teaching and training young women with hair, beauty and business skills. She is known to help transform an idea with ‘no life’ to an idea worth millions of pounds.

She has managed a youth engagement social enterprise in which she helped to start the new born company from the start, managed to secure more than £30,000 in funding and also now acts as a non-executive director for the for the company commonly known as Urban Heard: Youth Engagement Specialist. Through this, she has been able to help two other projects secure funding in competitive environments.

She has lobbied for responsible marketing of alcohol by her being a proxy shareholder in companies like Diageo to reduce the impact of media on teenage binge drinking by working with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Alcohol Concern as well as members of the Cabinet government to remove any form of advertisements that breaches the code of appropriate alcohol adverts. She has worked hard to see how these Alcohol adverts breaches the code whether it be in the spirit of the advert and also the wording of the advert. She has been successful in removing campaigns from companies like captain Morgan which implied confidence boost in young people.

She has had numerous experiences in motivational and public speaking in relation to topics on social entrepreneurship, business, self-worth, confidence, brain drain, and brain gain in Africa and the UK, Identity and much more. She was currently one of the two esteemed motivational speakers at the Nottingham entrepreneurs club, one of the speakers at the Nottingham Refugee Forum women’s conference and many more.

She is equally passionate about seeing how the church can impact the world around her, so she is one of the first line of Leaders at her church New Covenant Ministries serving as the Administrator there. She is very honest, caring, compassionate and enthusiastic individual with a penchant to bring about social change through her experiences and knowledge. A self-motivated and natural leader who values responsibility, community and holds exceptional team building and working ability, strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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Laolu is a young emerging creative leader, She has overseen and led numerous event planning projects for young adults within the Midlands and across the country. She has been privileged to work with local authorities to expanded the reach of local information online website services in various public sector organisations. While doing this she has been able to increase online brand engagement through tailored marketing strategy by 40% . She has worked to fulfil the city agenda to strengthen digital innovation amongst providers to benefit citizens.

Laolu has spent time working in Market and Business partnership THINK Tanks to prescribe innovative ways to increase technological literacy in city wide campaigns. She has strong propensity in communicating high-level corporate messages to audiences in ways that are simple and easy to understand. During her time as an intern in Radical Youth UK, she was the lead content strategist and copy writer for their marketing and was the Chair of the committee that wrote an annual magazine which was distributed across the midlands.
She has played a key role in developing strategy for a budding organisations that grew into a network of more than 24 university Christian fellowships across the Uk and also helped to oversee a network of over 2,500 students with the aim to empower young people in areas of faith and personal development. Her passions are developing well-rounded, multi-faceted women as leaders both in the market place and church.

She is passionate about bringing tech opportunities to marginalised groups of people and works to use her creative skillset to innovate and inspire. Her experience as a leader and a creative has become the life-blood of Níyó Network and Níyó Enterprise events such as Beyond Hair. As the Co-founder of the fast growing and multi-faceted organisation, she brings the passion and social concern that drives the quality services herself and Oyin deliver. Laolu focuses on leading in content strategy, design and market research and UX/UI development to enhance the company’s tech services. Her favourite colour is yellow, and she loves soul music.

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